Development plans

In 2017 it’s not only necessary to provide continual support for development, but also to ensure the quickest possible switch-over to Fedora 4 or Apache JCR (which is used by Fedora 4 as well). This is due to the instability and technical difficulties that need to be sorted out in the largest installations with over 30 million pages of digital documents (The National Digital Library, Moravian Library and Czech Digital Library). A process for securing the migration of current data should be created within the framework of the proposed project.

Simultaneously, a new Kramerius user interface will be prepared according to a new design and migrated to the Angular2 library. The modifications are presumed to stem from an UX opponency, which will be arranged by a specialized external company.

The continuous issue-solving and enhancements are projected to the extent of 2MD (man days) a month. The tasks will include enhancemnents approved by the project’s realisation team.

During 2012–2015, the Libray of AS CR has provided for the development of the Czech Digital Library (ČDK) within the framework of the NAKI four year project sponsored by the Czech Republic’s Ministry of Culture. The administration and development of the Czech Digital Library were originally supposed to be taken over by the National Library, but this intention has not yet been brought into effect. Currently the Czech Digital Library is run by the Library of AS CR. Without external funding it is extremely difficult to maintain the Czech Digital Library’s administration and development, including the integration of other libraries. The grant should provide the Czech Digital Library with stability and enable its further expansion, including the support for its switch-over to the National Library as soon as possible.

The programming and administrating work will be provided by the Incad/Search technologies company, who have been taking part in the development of the Kramerius system in the long term.